Customers are the Heart of a Company

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Central to every company should be its customers.

For MTLC this is especially true because many of the events and programs we produce are with the help and guidance of our members. This spring, we have kicked off our most recent Voice of the Customer (VOC) research project here at MTLC, and we are so excited to get some first-hand feedback from our members and technology leaders. A nonprofit organization like ours exists to support tech businesses in our region. Through participation in our surveys – whether by joining a VOC call, answering our LinkedIn polls, or providing quick post-event feedback about the value of our programming – you directly help us make data-driven decisions about our programs, member benefits, and other offerings that will be most helpful to your team’s growth and development.  

Voice of the Customer

We ran our last VOC research project in the summer of 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we learned so much from those conversations. As a result of that research, we not only felt much more connected to people we couldn’t see in person, but we also pulled together more online/virtual programming, added regular membership calls for those who wanted to stay in closer touch with us, and added a new member benefit that helps promote your thought leadership content including a monthly, dedicated post on an editorial theme.  

For the current VOC project, our goal is to gather direct, unfiltered feedback from our members in your own words about the economic trends, microclimate variables, and business needs that you have today. It’s an important way for us to check our assumptions and interpretations. By actively listening to the voice of the customer, we hope to better understand customer needs, prioritize areas for our organization’s improvement, and make more informed decisions about program development, marketing outreach, and our member service strategies. 

To that end, our team will be reaching out to schedule short, structured conversations with you via a video call with focused questions. The goal of these valuable discussions is to gather rich, qualitative data that will enable our team to understand your priorities, ideas, along with programs and services that are / would be, most valuable to you and your business. We’ll analyze the feedback to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for improving products, services, processes, and the overall customer experience.  

I’ll come back to this space to share some key findings and results.  

Here are the questions we plan to ask: 

  • What are your Top 3 business priorities? 
  • What is the biggest roadblock to meeting your priorities? 
  • How is MTLC currently meeting your needs? 
  • What would you like to see from your MTLC membership? 
  • Specific programs, hot topics, networking, other 

Please reach out if you’d like to schedule time with us to share this or anything else you’d like us to know. We have an open door and would love to connect!  

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