Celebrating tech achievement across 12 award categories

For more than 3 decades, MTLC has been recognizing achievement and leadership in one of the world’s leading tech communities. In 2020, we introduced the Tech Top 50, celebrating the region’s Top 50 technology companies, leaders, and innovations that have made the most significant impacts over the past 12 months. We are currently accepting nominations for our 2023 awards, which we will announce in February.

Important Dates

Nomination Application Opens – October 23, 2023
Nominations Close – December 1, 2023
Tech Top 50 Announced – February 2024

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Tech Top 50 Award Categories

The 2023 Tech Top 50 will recognize organizational and individual achievements. We are devoting special attention to Mass tech companies’ responsible management of AI, as well as achievements in cybersecurity and effective remote/hybrid work.

Corporate Leadership Awards

Social Responsibility

This category recognizes companies that have made a meaningful impact in social responsibility including community investment (specific to social justice initiatives), employee resources, and providing an overall inclusive culture. Nominees must show examples of equitable programs having a successful impact on employees and community.

Workforce Culture: Remote Collaboration with Immersive Internet (Corporate Culture)

This category is awarded to the company that distinguishes itself by finding the appropriate balance for their workforce in response to fluid environment. If you are remote, hybrid, or back in-person full time, how have you ignited a positive culture? What technology is keeping your workforce connected, and how are you utilizing technology to attract and retain? 

Business Accomplishment

This category recognizes companies for achieving major accomplishments over the past 12 months. Examples include major business transactions (e.g., mergers, acquisitions, etc.) or significant business performance (e.g., doubling revenue or headcount).

Startup of the Year

This category recognizes companies founded in last three years that have seen the most success in their product development, customer acquisition, revenue, or team growth. Nominees cannot have received more than Series A funding.

Individual Leadership Awards

CEO of the Year

This category recognizes CEOs for their leadership over the past 12 months. We will recognize five outstanding CEOs who have shown commitment to creating a positive culture and a commitment to the region’s tech ecosystem, while accomplishing growth for their company. Note: This category measures all aspects of a leader, NOT just financial or growth outcomes. For financial and growth only, see Business Accomplishment category.

CMO of the Year

This category recognizes a CMO who has influenced their brand, business, culture and people. From personal brand to industry influence, how has the CMO of an organization help achieve financial performance, sentiment, and overall brand.

CTO of the Year

This category recognizes CTOs’ leadership and technical expertise. We will recognize five CTOs who have been team builders, developed innovative technologies resulting in measured successes for their company, and provided continued support to clients and partners ensuring their technological needs are met.

Emerging Executive of the Year

This category recognizes an executive on track to being a senior leader in the technology sector through their extraordinary operational leadership and achievement in bottom-line business results. This person has shown that they have created long-term value through entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth, and impact, among other core contributions and attributes.


This award recognizes an individual for their exemplary leadership within their company in the development of a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse tech workforce in Massachusetts.

Technology Organization Awards

Responsible AI for Business Prosperity

This award is given to an organization that has utilized AI to responsibly engage customers, partners, or other external stakeholders to scale business. How did the organization overcome tech challenges including data quality, efficiency, and complexity while ensuring integrity is maintained.

Responsibly AI-Driven Strategy

This award is given to an organization that has successfully implemented an AI-driven strategy into its internal tech stack or business processes. This includes keeping pace with the adoption of AI while ensuring the right talent is trained to handle its complex nature.

Cyber Security Response: Defending a Tech Organization

This award is given to the organization that demonstrates excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security while tackling today’s urgent cybersecurity challenges. Cybersecurity teams who are responsible for protecting their organizations vital networks, information, and critical infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have to be an MTLC member to submit a nomination?
A. No, you do not have to be a member to submit a nomination.

Q. Is there a limit to how many nominations I can submit?
A. No, there is no limit to the number of nominations you submit.

Q. Is there a cost to submit a nomination?
A. No, it is free to submit a nomination.

Q. What happens after my nomination is submitted?
A. The nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprised of industry leaders in late July/early August.

Q. When are winners announced?
A. The Tech Top 50 will be named at a reception in February 2024.

Q. My question isn’t on here, who should I contact?
A. Email us at events@masstlc.org and we’ll help you out!