Maximizing the Value of an MTLC Membership: Ideas for Friction-Free Management

Unlocking the full potential of your Mass Tech Leadership Council (MTLC) membership shouldn’t be daunting or time-consuming. MTLC is a powerful resource for companies that work closely with us. We have spent years building connections and curating audiences and topics that can help you meet the right people and develop the right skills to make better, faster, less risky business decisions. 

 Our goal is always to make you and your company successfully deploy membership at your company. Here are 5 ideas to harness the benefits of a membership with MTLC:  

  1. Do Stuff: MTLC often hosts conferences and events, providing prime opportunities for companies to connect with industry peers, potential clients, and other thought leaders. Attendees can dive into these events without extensive preparation, making it a friction-free way to cultivate valuable connections. It may help to know that everyone at these programs is also hoping to meet new people and build their networks, which means everyone is friendly and approachable. But in case you still have a hard time approaching someone, find a MTLCer and we’ll make the introduction for you.
  2. Talk with Us: The MTLC membership comes with resources broad enough that we sometimes surprise people. We have research reports, industry insights, community groups, and educational content. We have a partnership with Innovation Women for a free or discounted membership there, with CyberTrust for security training and approaches, and we also offer a 401k plan ideal for small or start-up companies to join. And, we make it easy to find qualified members for your Board or companies working on alternative pathways into tech careers. Take the opportunity for a 20 minute call with the team, and we’ll dial in the resources that will be most meaningful for you.
  3. Pursue Professional Growth: Through MTLC conferences, webinars, and workshops, we specifically design opportunities for you to learn and gain insights about relevant technology topics. Please encourage your team to participate in these opportunities for continuous professional development. We’ve included tickets with all of our membership tiers, so joining us at the Hot Tech Topics Conference Series is now easier than ever.
  4. Notice the Advocacy: MTLC keeps our finger on the pulse of policy that impacts the tech sector so you don’t have to.  Check out our Policy page to learn more. In addition, members can turn to us to track any bill or take advantage of our campaign writing platform, Voter Voice.
  5. Boost your Brand: We invite our members to showcase their membership with us by sharing content and using the MTLC logo on your site or LinkedIn page. This simple step can significantly enhance a company’s credibility and reputation. 

The key to extracting value from your MTLC membership is in your own active participation and engagement. Get to know the team at MTLC, and we’ll be a great resource to help you embrace opportunities to elevate your experience in the Boston tech ecosystem. 

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