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The Mass Technology Leadership Council’s award-winning Board-Ready Bootcamp prepares rising leaders with a high-impact curriculum ranging from board fundamentals to strategy and governance as they prepare their career to achieve the next level.

What makes this board prep program than any other – each session is lead by a seasoned board member, CEO, or expert in creating boards. This curriculum is created specifically for MTLC with a lens towards tech and diversity.

Those that have gone through the Bootcamp become part of our strong alumni network, where they have an opportunity to continue to build their network and connections through follow on programming and are highlighted on the MTLC Board Ready Bootcamp directory for any company or organization looking for a qualified board member.

Why send your senior leaders:

  1. This is an impactful way to give back to your senior leaders and rising stars.
  2. While geared towards board fundamentals, this curriculum directly translates to operational and strategic work.
  3. Provides additional visibility to your company by participating in this high level event.
MTLC Board Ready Bootcamp workshop
Board Ready Bootcamp Sessions Include
      • How do I get on a board?
      • Corporate Governance Foundational
      • Role of a Director
      • Fiduciary Responsibilities
      • Role of Committees
      • Strategic & Operational Controls
      • Assessing your Board
      • Activist Investors
      • Shareholder Empowerment
      • Boardroom Accountability
      • Board Composition & Diversity
      • Risk & Crisis Management
      • Compliance
      • Competition

Now Accepting Applications

Are You Ready for a Board Seat? Apply Here

If you are on the path to joining a board, we invite you to apply directly to the Board-Ready Bootcamp:

Board Ready Bootcamp 2024 Agenda

Virtual Kick off: Monday, April 29th

9:00AM: Set the Stage

9:30 AM: The Business of Boards

Thursday, May 2nd


8:15 AM: Arrival and Breakfast at PwC

9:00 AM: Set the Stage

9:30 AM: What CEOs Expect from their Boards

10:15AM: Breakout Session

11:45 AM: Break

12:00PM: Unpacking Board Culture

1:00 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM: Board Committee and What Committee Chairs Want

2:15 PM: Breakout Session

2:45 PM: Business of Boards: Financial and Audit

3:45 PM: Break

4:00 PM: Board Journey, Board Bio and Board Positioning

5:00 PM: Breakout Session: Workshop your board bio

5:30 PM to 7PM: Alumni and Speaker Reception

Board Ready Bootcamp Faculty

Lynda Appelgate
Harvard Business School
Matthew Littlewood
Pam Reeve
Director of public and non-profit companies

Board Ready Bootcamp Speakers

Marla Beck
Jan Bruce
Deborah Ellinger
Sarah Fay
Emily Green
John Landry
Donna Levin
Clayton Samuels

Board Ready Bootcamp Underwriters

Board Ready Bootcamp Sponsors


A. No. Executives in any geographic location may participate. Our virtual cohort in particular attracts participants from a range of geographies. Be advised that our speakers and curriculum have a US focus. 

A. Applicants should be “board-ready” candidates which typically means CXOs or rising stasr at the SVP level. We understand that titles have different meanings and every board is different, so we will consider other titles and encourage applicants and their executive sponsors to help fill in details about why a candidate is appropriate for a board role through their application.

A. No. Many of our alumni have company leadership or board experience.   

A. The executive sponsor is typically the applicant’s CEO, supervisor, or other senior executive. In the case of a CEO applying, the executive sponsor would typically be a board member or peer CEO. We recognize that in some cases an executive sponsor may be former colleague or executive from another company.

A. Yes. We offer the bootcamp for just $1950 for members ($2950 for non-members). We also work with our underwriters to provide scholarship support to qualified candidates where needed.

A. We anticipate that many companies and executive sponsors will underwrite the bootcamp admission fee as part of an executive’s professional development. In some cases, where this is not possible, executives will pay for the bootcamp as part of their own investment in personal leadership development. In the case of a qualified applicant for whom tuition is a barrier to their participation, we will work with our underwriters to provide additional scholarship support.

A. No. We have a free, public, searchable alumni database. MassTLC makes NO REPRESENTATION that participation in the Bootcamp will result in being named to a board of directors.