The Power of a Region

Unlocking the Power of the Massachusetts Tech Community

I recently spent the day in Washington D.C. to attend a board meeting for the Technology Council of North America (TECNA) followed by a CEO retreat for TECNA members. TECNA is an association for tech associations across the US and Canada.

Being a part of this very special organization allows me to gain a unique insight into other states’ and regions’ tech ecosystems, such as Seattle, Oregon, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Montreal, to name just a few.

I love these meetings for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t often have the opportunity to speak with my peers. Unless you have run a non-profit trade group, it’s hard to understand the balance required to serve as a resource for as many people and companies in the tech industry as we can, while also funding the organization. In that forum, I can ask questions about any facet of my business, and there is inevitably someone who can share their experience.

The Community: A Tight-Knit Network

The second reason I love attending these meetings is to remind myself how amazing the Massachusetts tech ecosystem is. As far as I’m concerned, we have it all. Yes, we have some challenges, but that is true everywhere. And what we do have is almost impossible to replicate elsewhere.

We’re a tight-knit community, and I’ve never seen a shortage of people eager to give back and mentor others. Spend just five minutes, and you’ll find numerous networking events or meetups any day of the week. Once you start building your network, you’ll continually meet people willing to lend a hand in any way they can. If you’re looking for a mentor and can’t find one, reach out—I’m more than happy to help make connections!

The Brain Trust: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Massachusetts is home to 114 institutions, including universities, colleges, and community colleges. The depth of innovation and entrepreneurship emerging from these schools is immense. Coupled with the extraordinary contributions of serial founders and master operators, Massachusetts remains a hotbed of innovation and growth. Many of our most successful companies have encouraged their own team members to venture out and start their own enterprises, sparking a phenomenal snowball effect of tech companies being created in the region.

The Proximity Advantage: Accessible Location

With just a 5+ hour plane ride to California or London, 2+ hours on an Acela to NYC, and a time zone that’s friendly to many others, Boston remains perfectly situated. Whether you’re a global company or operating solely in the US, you can easily reach your destinations from here.

Prioritizing Human Rights: A Massachusetts Value

I won’t argue that we have the most favorable taxes, and I know that can be a burden. But I gladly make that sacrifice to live in a state that prioritizes human rights. The cost of doing business should never come at the expense of fundamental rights, whether it’s women’s health or the freedom to express your sexual orientation.

In conclusion, while the Massachusetts tech community certainly faces its share of challenges, the unique strengths and advantages it offers make it truly stand out as a prime hub for innovation and growth. And perhaps most importantly, our state’s values ensure we can focus on driving technological progress. For these reasons and more, the future looks bright for Massachusetts’ vibrant tech landscape. As an active part of this ecosystem, I feel immensely proud of what we’ve built and even more excited about the opportunities yet to come.

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