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Wondering How Leadership Awards Finalists and Winners are Chosen?

After having gone through a month-long nominations period, a high intensity judging night, and exciting finalist reception, we are now well into Awards season. We now have our 75 finalists across 15 categories. But how does the whole process work?


Beginning in April, MassTLC reaches out across the industry to encourage people to nominate outstanding individuals companies, and technologies for our many awards categories. In addition to soliciting nominations from our membership, we ask our almost 40,000 newsletter subscribers, 100 public relations agencies and venture capitalist firms, and numerous media contacts to spread the word about the opportunity. Our hope is to receive a truly representative group of outstanding nominees.

Judging Process

To ensure that all nominees are judged objectively and knowledgeably, we enlist industry experts to serve on our judging panels. These respected individuals cannot judge any category in which they, their company, its technology, or its employees have been nominated, nor can they judge nominees where there is a conflict of interest. MassTLC staff do not participate as judges but serve as proctors to ensure that each nominees is treated equitably.

Judging takes place in June. All judges’ scores are tallied, and the top five in each category are named as finalists.

Finalist Announcement

In the spirit of celebration, MassTLC invites nominees and the broader tech community to a summer reception in July. We use this opportunity to recognize not just the finalists, but all of the phenomenal nominees who have participated in the Awards process. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with old friends and meet newcomers to the Mass tech ecosystem.

Awards Gala

In the fall, 700members of the tech community come together to celebrate the amazing work happening here in Massachusetts. We announce the winner of each category and recognize other industry leaders through our Commonwealth and Distinguished Leader awards.

Call to Action

If you know of outstanding individuals, companies, or technologies that you believe should be recognized, please nominate them! The form and process are easy, and your input is critical in ensuring that our industry is fully and fairly represented. To learn more, contact Mackenzie Flynn,


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