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New Report Finds Tech Leaders Focused on Employment Growth, Flexibility & Culture

Tech CEOs need to make critical business decisions with limited information. While there is no playbook for managing a tech company through a pandemic and social justice movement, we can find important insights by understanding how our peers are navigating their businesses.

MassTLC’s most recent Tech Pulse survey of over 70 tech CEOs and other company executives provides data and insights in the following top of mind areas for tech leaders today.

Remote & Return – Companies are planning for increased flexibility and part-time remote work. Twice as many companies are planning to return to the office in 2022 than in 2021, and a significant number will become remote-first.

Vaccination & Virtual – There it a strong trend towards requiring vaccination for in-person gatherings. Virtual meetings are expected to reduce the need for some corporate travel. And, outside attendees are more likely to be hosted at company run events.

The Great Resignation – Voluntary resignations are expected to increase over next 12 months. Replacement of highly skilled workers is increasingly difficult. The silver lining is new ideas, innovation, & candidates looking to move.

Culture & Retention – There is a trend towards increasing compensation structures to retain talent. Reduced connection and support are noted by some as factors into junior level resignations. Companies are offering more flexibility for when and where people work.

Employee Development – The findings show a trend towards investing in employee training, such as inclusive hybrid meeting management and remote-first best practices. Companies are evolving meetings to ensure equity for all workers.

Growth Outlook – Companies expect strong growth ahead both in MA and globally. Top investment areas include brand visibility, talent attraction and retention, DEI, and professional leadership development training

To learn more, download MassTLC’s Tech Pulse report, Company Leadership & the Great Resignation (October 2021).

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