Rodrigo Martinez leads discussion at MTLC's Innovation unConference.
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You’ve never attended a tech conference that accomplishes so much.

Forget everything you think you know about tech conferences, because the Innovation unConference upends the traditional conference paradigm. How? By putting YOU in charge of the agenda.

It’s a unique way to talk about a number of vital issues in a single day, but without the constraints of a planned-well-in-advance agenda that may not address the most critical tech and leadership topics of the day.It’s about giving and getting help NOW in an open and collaborative environment. 

How the Innovation unConference works

Everyone gathers in a plenary session to kick off the day. After brief welcoming remarks from host(s), a facilitator leads the audience through the agenda creation process. Here, members of the audience are invited to “pitch” their session. (The facilitator ensures that sessions deliver actionable value — not company pitches or sales presentations.) 

For example, 100 people attended our last Innovation unConference on June 7, 2023. They created an agenda that encompassed the ideas, concerns, and visions impacting tech and their organizations right now. The day’s 15 sessions spanned topics including:  

  • the unintended consequences of AI 
  • workforce training 
  • cannabis culture 
  • the “moonshots” that Massachusetts’ tech leaders and policy makers can drive. 

Another Innovation unConference difference: The breaks in between sessions are slightly longer than in typical conferences, to allow richer networking interaction.   

One dynamic day is just the beginning.

Our goal is not merely to have these conversations and go home. Beyond the Innovation unConference, MTLC fosters further discussions among key stakeholders in order to advance the outcomes we all envision for our region and its tech ecosystem.  

Coffee and collaboration at MTLC's Innovation unConference.

Who should attend the Innovation unConference?

Entrepreneurs, investors, serial founders, seasoned CEOs, and other tech luminaries, representing AI, advanced manufacturing, clean tech, crypto, healthcare tech, robotics, and other key Massachusetts tech sectors.

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