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This is the Age of Revenue Operations: New White Paper from Zylotech

Revenue operations is more than just a new buzz phrase in the business world. In reality, it’s a core function of successful, data-driven business strategy that puts the needs of the client at the center. Reflecting this, many companies have even added another title to their C-Suite – the Chief Revenue Office, or CRO. 

Whether or not your organization has or needs a CRO, revenue ops is becoming increasingly important for B2B operations. Still, many companies lack a well-defined rev ops plan. Is your company prepared?

To help explain the importance of the revenue ops approach, MassTLC member Zylotech recently published the whitepaper, “This is the age of revenue operations.”

Topics covered include:

  • What is revenue ops?
  • How your current stack across traditional sales cycle needs to be aligned
  • What revenue ops means for the B2B sales cycle
  • The results that can be expected in a revenue ops model

According to Zylotech:

“A revenue ops approach takes a holistic view and applies consistent metrics to assess what is working and what isn’t across all the ops teams involved in marketing, sales, and customer relationships.”

Download the complete whitepaper, here.

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