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The Value of MassTLC Membership in Challenging Times

As we brace for a potentially difficult economy in 2023, MassTLC recognizes that many of our member companies are facing tough decisions about their workforces, investments, engagement with the wider world, and so much more. While it can be a natural response in challenging times to draw inward, reaching outward and participating in one’s community often helps in navigating a difficult environment.

When COVID shut down the economy in 2020, leading to massive layoffs for may tech employees and significant financial losses for many tech companies, the MassTLC community came together to support each other. Executives in companies that were faring better than others offered to help laid off workers transition to new jobs. CEOs met regularly through MassTLC’s CEO peer community to talk through specific challenges and support each other with advice and guidance. Companies that had important resources offered them for free.

MassTLC facilitated many of these efforts and added our own by helping make resources available for free to laid off workers and by delivering opportunities for member companies to give and get support.

These examples highlight why being part of a community like MassTLC can be a huge advantage during hard times. Members can access benefits that include:

  • Access to a larger community to learn from so that you can make better business decision—executives have to continue to manage their businesses and position them for growth, even when the market may be temporarily shrinking.
  • Abundant opportunities for visibility through an association’s website, events, newsletters, and other marketing channels—a cost effective way to amplify your marketing efforts when your budget may be lower than normal.
  • Professional development for the staff that you have retained so that they can be better and more effective just when their skills are most needed.
  • Advocacy at the local and national level on issues that impact the tech industry—policymakers don’t stop passing laws during a down economy.

No matter how the economy shapes up next year, MassTLC is committed to helping our community successfully navigate any and all challenges. We hope that you will continue to be an active participant in our ecosystem as we try to help each other have a successful 2023.

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