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The Uneven Workforce: Innovative Strategies to Thrive

MassTLC tech professionals met this month to join an honest and thought-provoking conversation, “The Uneven Workforce: Innovative Strategies to Thrive.” Panelists shared strategies and ideas regarding their return to work and the impact that the pandemic year has had on working parents and caregivers. They explored why their organizations are prioritizing strategies and policies that empower hybrid workers to succeed in environments where they are not in-person 100% of the time. Most important, they also discussed how to ensure equity and accessibility to opportunities and career growth/development as key to a successful workforce.

Megan Greenfield, Ph.D. shared her latest research on this topic while joining the panel, moderated by Kim Meninger, Executive Coach, Executive Career Success. Listen to this dynamic panel of women as they share strategies and stories.

Watch the discussion:

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