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MassTLC’s 2023 Thought Leadership Series: Innovation

Innovation is the driving force behind progress and growth in all areas of technology, both big and small. It fuels change and helps society evolve and improve to tackle the biggest problems of our time. Simply put, without innovation, we would be stuck in a stagnant world, unable to advance or adapt to new challenges.

For the month of March, we asked MassTLC members to submit their ideas about “Innovation.” What does it mean to create new technology and lead in a changing world? How should we think about the regulation, ethics, IP, and who gets to be involved?

The pieces below present new ideas about emerging technologies and how we should think about them. From AI to biotech, IP to inclusion, we hope you are inspired to innovate — and to do so responsibly.

Gerson Goren, CEO and Founder, Cangrade

Ignore At Own Risk: Cangrade CEO Gershon Goren on the Great AI Revolution

Profile by MassTLC

Centering Collaboration and User Voice to Accelerate Accessibility

By Sandy K. Lacey, Executive Director, Howe Innovation Center at Perkins School for the Blind
Sandy K. Lacey, Executive Director, Howe Innovation Center at Perkins School for the Blind
A microscope

Fighting a Public Health Crisis with Innovation: Eric Stern, PhD, and Dr. Jim Lewis of Selux Diagnostics on Bleeding Edge Advances in AMR

By Selux Diagnostics

How Do We Prepare Tech for the DigitALL World?

By Brittany Greenfield, Founder and CEO, Wabbi

Brittany Greenfield, CEO & Founder, Wabbi

In South Korea, Robots Are on the Job. So How is the Service?

By Erick Trickey, Deputy Editor, Experience Magazine

IP Issues Surrounding Machine Learning and AI in the Pharmaceutical Space

By Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP.
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A man looking through a microscope

How a Tufts University Professor Blended GIS and Conservation Medicine

By Esri

Generative AI in HR: ChatGPT, Hiring and Why Career Development is the New Talent Acquisition

By Gershon Goren, Founder and CEO, Cangrade

AI Offers Tools to Support Product Management and Development

By Jeff Hovis; Program Director, Graduate Product Management Program; Merrimack College



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MIT CSAIL Case Study: Einblick and Applying Data at the Speed of Thought

By Audrey Woods, MIT CSAIL Alliance



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