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The Future of ABM – Keys to Success

It’s evident from speaking with members of the MassTLC sales and marketing community that account-based marketing is the hot topic of 2017. This shift to ABM is occurring as traditional volume-based demand gen programs are missing key metrics such as close rates, LTV and the bottom line.  ABM, defined by ITSMA, is a structured approach to developing and implementing highly customized sales and marketing campaigns, requiring strict sales and marketing alignment and a clearly defined framework. 


The MassTLC demand gen peer group met recently to talk about the “Future of ABM”.  Mark Goloboy, VP of Demand Gen @ Brainshark shared a terrific presentation that can be found HERE that outlined the basic methodology of ABM, an ABM tools and technologies everything map and a look at Topo’s recommended Account-based framework. We expect that Mark’s presentation and insights, and the valuable best practices shared across the group can help local tech companies take their ABM strategy from pie in the sky to reality. 


For more on ABM, MassTLC is partnering with Demandbase in May to offer an ABM certification. The details will arrive in your inbox shortly – stay tuned!

We closed the meeting with a discussion on upcoming session ideas.  Expect the next meeting in late May on one of the following topics:

  • Optimizing the MarTech Stack
    • What are the big building blocks of the stack
    • How to improve the MarTech stack  – a case study
    • How should you build
  • Marketing Analytics
    • Data for the CMO/CEO/Board – get a CMO to tell the group what they need
    • How do you take your analytics up a level?
    • How do tell the story in business terms?
  • Pipeline acceleration
  • Structuring your team with roles and responsibilities changing, required skills
  • Usability of collateral – what’s working, when, content strategy
  • Marrying design and marketing when you don’t have a creative agency – “Design like an artist”
  • Marketing to marketing alignment


Thanks again to all that joined us!

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