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Ten Robotics Start-Ups Shine at MassRobotics’ Demo Days

MassRobotics held its first ‘Demo Days’ on October 5th with current residents and other startups selected to provide quick pitches to gathered investors and MassRobotics partners and Board members. After a formal round of quick pitches, guests enjoyed a networking social in the MassRobotics Lab where they learned more, and interacted with, residents and pitching startups.

Here is a roundup of robotics startups who participated in Demo Days:

Investors and industry leaders listen to robotics startup pitches.
  • American Robotics – Complete end-to-end solution for agriculture automation using drones
  • Southie Autonomy Works – Automation of collaborative robots for pick and place
  • Hurdler Motors – Last-mile/last-yard robotic vehicle solution for Street to Suite™ delivery and urban mobility
  • Realtime Robotics – Real time, micro-second level motion planning for industrial arms and other robots
  • Solchroma Technologies – Vivid, sunlight-readable digital signage for the Out-of-Home advertising industry
  • Cogmation Robotics – Software simulation of robots for test and validation
  • AndrosRobotics – Unique actuators and robotic arms for warehouse automation
  • Twisted Fields – Solar power autonomous ground robot for agricultural automation
  • Rex Bionics – Robotic solutions that aid in the restoration of normalized limb function
  • StarSight – Sensors that give human-like perception to thinking machines

MassRobotics aims to provide robotics and connected device companies the resources they need to be successful by providing physical space, shared equipment, software licenses needed for development, office amenities, and valuable connections.  These connections include introductions to manufacturers, potential customers & partners, as well as investors.

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