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SharkNinja hosts Robotics/IoT Community Meeting

The most recent MassTLC Robotics / IoT Community meeting took place on May 20 at the SharkNinja headquarters in Needham. This month’s discussion focused on best practices in testing.  

Bill Mosolog, Business Development Manager at Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation, explained his organization’s Phased Approach to Unique Problem Solving and Testing for Automation Success and shared specific use cases from Fraunhofer’s Boston office.

Bill from Fraunhofer presents at the Robotics/IoT Community Q2 Meeting.

Lindsay Frechette, Director of Test Innovation at SharkNinja, and Lindy Liggett, Director of Robot Platforms at SharkNinja, shared their knowledge of real-world testing for consumer products.

Lindy and Lindsay from SharkNinja present at the Robotics/IoT Community Q2 Meeting.

Adam Norton, Assistant Director at the New England Robotics Validation & Experimentation (NERVE) Center, spoke about testing from a high-level, physical perspective. He provided examples of testing at the NERVE Center and emphasized the center’s ability to adapt and create new physical scenarios for testing.  

Adama of the NERVE Center presents at the Robotics/IoT Community Q2 Meeting.

There was much discussion around testing standards and about which direction the robotics industry is moving.  Robotics is not so much an “industry,” as it is a technology that services many industries. One big takeaway from the day: there are different requirements for  different industries whether consumer, medical, automation etc.


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