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MassTLC and ImpactLABS: Real-World IoT Apps in Action

ImpactLABS hosted a group of MassTLC members to show how they deploy IoT devices in the field, demonstrating real-time and real-world applications that help support solutions for businesses and municipalities to prosper.

The ImpactLABS mission is to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) instrument their physical worlds with intelligence and intention for profit and resilience. They pursue this mission through a multi-stakeholder model that brings together those SMBs, physical world subject matter experts (SMEs), early stage Internet of Things (IoT) companies, and visionary Fortune 5000 technology and industrial businesses.

Figure 1  Chris Rezendes kicks off the gathering

Chris Rezendes, Managing Director of ImpactLABS, kicked off the meeting by describing how the LABS helps deepen companies’ and organizations’ understanding of how they can instrument their parts of the physical world, while participating in a shared network of their community and peer companies, all with a shared vision. LABS pilots early-stage IoT solutions with small and mid-sized business in Southeastern New England and a number of regional markets globally and helps them innovate to build more profitable and sustainable businesses. Chris introduced several presenters who shared early-stage devices that have been placed in the field and collect data in real time, including: KE2Therm, KE2Connect, and Aquadat. These device companies partner with the LABS sponsors, including PTC, Verizon, Analog Devices, Dell, GE, and more, to bring business owners the data that provides them with knowledge and decision making to help better sustain their businesses.

Figure 2  Mayor Jonathan Mitchell

Chris arranged a visit from the Honorable Jonathan Mitchell, Mayor of the City of New Bedford. New Bedford is home to the most valuable commercial fishing seaport in North America and many of the industry’s emerging, instrumentation-enabled sustainable fishing practices and ocean monitoring.

Photo credit: MassTLC

Figure 3  Daniel Harple, CEO Context Labs

We were fortunate to receive a briefing from Dan Harple, CEO of Context Labs, who has modeled and designed several IoT data collection and integration systems and spoke about his experience instrumenting areas of North Dakota pipelines. He described how to bring this data to dashboards and visual representation – using “descriptive analysis” and the “identity trust” of data.

The field trip began with a stop at a local farm where devices have been installed in greenhouses to take several measurements including temperature, light and humidity. This “crop connect” system helps the farmer keep the houses at an optimum environment to help crops survive and thrive in all seasons.

Photo credit: MassTLC
Photo credit; MassTLC

Figures 4 & 5 Crop Connect

Our next stop was the port of New Bedford where Ed Anthes-Washburn, Executive Director of the Port of New Bedford, guided us on a tour of the Harbor. He described the commercial business and how IoT can help with monitoring and security. He also showed us where potential new technology could bring power to private moorings and docks. 

Photo credit: MassTLC

Figure 6  Ed Anthes-Washburn

Photo credit: MassTLC

Figure 7  Port of New Bedford Lighthouse with Camera sensor installed

The weather was perfect for our cruise!!

Photo credit: MassTLC

Thank you Chris Rezendes and the ImpactLABS staff for a terrific day!!

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