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June Robotics/IoT Recap: Design for Scale, Collaborative Robots & More

The June, 2018, Robotics/IoT Community meeting, co-sponsored by Cooper Perkins, took place at Essential Design last week. Robotics/IoT community co-chair, Ted Acworth, CEO and founder of Artaic, emceed the event, which was titled “At the Fuzzy Front End, How do you Plot the Straightest line to a Successful Product.

Harald Quintus-Bosz from Cooper Perkins

Harald Quintus-Bosz, CTO and Co-Founder of Cooper Perkins, kicked off the meeting by stressing the idea of “design for scale.” He spoke about technology development methodology and gave his thoughts on the business and user observations that often drive the need to innovate in advanced products. He also discussed how to identify the most appropriate technologies, or those that will be optimally feasible and viable in production to satisfy the observed need.

Scott Stropkay from Essential Design

Scott Stropkay, Partner and Co-Founder at Essential Design, spoke about designing user experience with robots, noting that any product can be a vehicle for good or bad user experience and will positively or negatively affect the value on many levels. He emphasized that designing a good user experience is about creating affordance and user engagement opportunities that provide utilitarian, emotional, network, economic, and other kinds of value. Human/robot interaction design requires attention to detail.

Erin Leger with SoftBank

Erin Leger, an engineer at SoftBank, spoke about organic collaborative robotics development and about SoftBank’s history with Pepper, a humanoid robot. Collaboration between companies often brings about inspired innovation when integrated products impose new use cases on each other and project visions are combined. Erin gave us a Pepper demo that included interacting with the robot.

Peter Russo, President of Blackburn Energy (formerly with MassMEP), moderated a panel that discussed Challenges When Moving from Prototype to Manufacturing. The panelists included: Harald Quintus-Bosz, Scott Stropkay, and Alexandra Sugurel (SoftBank). There was no lack of attendee interaction and questions.

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