Elevating Our Technology Community

Just under a year ago, I took on the role of CEO at Mass Tech Leadership Council (MTLC) after being with the organization for over 11 years. Over the years, I have taken immense pride in seeing members make meaningful connections that have resulted in new jobs, seen aspiring leaders become founders and CEOs, sparked big ideas that created new companies, helped young companies find investors and advisors, and worked with policy makers to safeguard the tech sector from policies that hurt the industry.

Now, as CEO at the Mass Tech Leadership Council, I am excited to guide the organization to new heights and ensure every member company can grow and thrive in today’s global tech eco-system.

That is why MTLC, the leading destination for tech companies, is committed to meeting the needs of the technology ecosystem and ensuring Massachusetts remains a hub of global innovation. We are increasing advocacy at the federal and state level, support for technology leaders as they navigate this dynamic environment, and professional development and deep enrichment through our programs and events.

I also believe that Massachusetts is the best place to live and grow a tech company. I most definitely plan to leverage our thriving ecosystem of successful entrepreneurs, tech leaders, investors, accelerators, and world-class universities to further boost our community’s leadership globally.

In short, MTLC’s goal is to create a robust environment where tech companies can flourish and ideas can converge to drive transformative change.

And yes, this exciting journey also comes with a fresh new look that symbolizes the bold new chapter in our journey. So, whether you’re a startup, an established tech giant or somewhere in between, we invite you to be a part of our community.

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