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Crayon’s 2021 State of Competitive Intelligence

Crayon recently released their annual State of Competitive Intelligence Report – the largest study in the field of competitive intelligence with insights from over 1,000 CI professionals.

Whether you’re a full-time CI pro, a marketer performing ad-hoc CI, or anything in between, this report will provide key benchmarks, best practices, and more to help improve your CI program.

Read the report to learn:

  • The competitiveness of your industry and how that changed during 2020
  • How much your competitors are investing in competitive intelligence
  • The KPIs used to measure CI effectiveness
  • The challenges CI professionals are facing in a changing field
  • Which factors of a CI program impact revenue

2021 State of CI Key takeways include:

  • 61% of businesses have seen direct revenue impact from CI
  • Businesses who define CI KPIs are far more likely to see revenue impact
  • 62% of businesses plan to increase their use of paid CI technology
  • 56% of businesses plan to increase their CI headcount


Download the full report for 60+ pages of data, best practices, year-over-year trends, and more.


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