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Crayon’s 2021 Guide to Competitive Intelligence

Crayon’s popular Guide to Competitive Intelligence is back and updated with fresh data and insights for 2021, including everything you need to build a CI program and learn how to out-market and out-maneuver your competitors with strategies for effective competitive research, analysis, and enablement.

Competitive Intelligence

With a strong competitive intelligence program, you can provide your marketing, sales, product, and executive teams with a powerful, strategic advantage. Knowing what your competitors are up to will help you beat them every time.

The 49-page guide covers techniques for gaining deep insights about your competitors’ moves, how to analyze competitive data to derive meaningful insights, and how to weaponize those insights to win market share. Every technique can be implemented starting today, without leaving your desk. 

To get started, download the free 2021 report from Crayon now.


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