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MTLC: Shaping the Future of the Region’s Tech Sector in 2024

As the leading tech trade association, MTLC has a unique view into the region’s tech sector and that view allows us to see the excitement and energy that 2024 has to offer. This is precisely why I am bullish on the year to come.

Without question, I see the tech sector coming back together to learn, share, and network. And while there are  no shortage of opportunities to attend events, I believe that MTLC’s programs will be among the most valuable because they deliver optimal value to all in attendance. Our programs are created from the outside in. All topics come directly from our members and the greater ecosystem.

With the rapid pace of change we will consistently revisit topics to ensure they are relevant and meet your needs.  By  spending time listening to our members and  understanding what is important enough to our audience, those topics that make them want to leave their office and spend time with us. All of our topics focus on business outcomes so that you can leave an event and immediately implement a process or tool in your company. In short, we help you make smarter, faster, and less risky decisions.

We’ll be producing “hot tech topics” all year, including our February conference Orchestrate Your Business With AI. Other topics throughout the year will include:

  • Shifting your teams to an AI business model
  • Optimizing Your Supply Chain
  • Shifting Landscape of Customer Experience

Tech Growth and Community Building

We are excited to continue our successful programs for early career professionals, kicking off on March 7th with a Financial Literacy workshop at the Venture Café.

But it’s not only about our events, MTLC’s team is here to help. Our mission is to foster and support the growth of this region’s tech ecosystem. We consider bringing people together as a key driver to growth. Whether it is an introduction to a potential partner, customer, or future mentor. Whether you label it a community, cluster, or ecosystem, being a part of a collective force makes us a stronger and better state to build and scale your company. And in 2024 we are prepared to grow our clusters and design them to support the companies that we have today and those who are born tomorrow.

We know the tech sector faces strong headwinds: lack of skilled talent, a broken transportation system, and almost non-existent affordable housing. MTLC will continue to work with our partners and policy makers to help remove as many of these hurdles as we can. That is why the MTLC State of the Massachusetts Tech Economy report is so crucial. This report will be released later this month and will highlight the dangers of simply allowing our tech talent to leave the state.

We believe Massachusetts is primed to remain a global tech leader and over the year ahead, we are confident that with our collective force we will overcome these challenges.

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