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Last Day to Submit Awards Nominations!

The MassTLC Leadership Awards recognize the best and brightest from the Massachusetts tech industry. With so many companies, technologies, and leaders to recognize, this year we have added three new categories:

Technology for a Better Tomorrow

The “Technology for a Better Tomorrow” award was created to recognize a company that has used their technologies to contribute to one of our world’s challenges. Whether it’s on a local, regional, or global scale, companies have the power to use their technology for greater good. This award recognizes an innovative technology that enables users to give back to the community, creates awareness on important issues, or effects positive change in the world.

Cutting Edge Technology of the Year

The “Cutting Edge Technology of the Year” award will be given to a technology across any industry that demonstrates forward-thinking, pushes the boundaries of technology or application of technology, and/or fundamentally alters an existing industry. This technology must offer substantially different or improved value, impact, and/or customer behavior.


Building a Better Workforce

The “Building a Better Workforce” award was created to recognize a company that has gone above and beyond to make a better work environment and, thus, a stronger workforce. This includes implementing strong core values for their workforce and providing opportunities for employees that help advance the workforce as a whole. This could include training, internal career planning, employment for underrepresented groups (via internships and inclusion efforts), and giving back to the community.

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