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15 Things Learned From the 2015 MassTLC Sales & Marketing Summit

On April 7, 2015, MassTLC gathered 55 of the top sales and marketing professionals
in New England to discuss “Building a High Performing Sales & Marketing
Organization.” These were our takeaways, what were yours?
  1. Get rid
    of the “Gobbledygook” on your website. No one cares about your innovative, next
    generation, new and improved, world class, innovative product. Just tell me
    what it does.
  2. Be agile
    and respond in real time, it is no longer about marketing at a time that works
    for you, it’s about marketing to the customer when it works for them.
  3. Don’t be
    boring. Create content that connect your product to what’s happening. Newsjack!
  4. Hire
    journalists to create your marketing content.
  5. Tear down
    the sales silo and the marketing silo and build it all under the Smarketing
  6. You need
    to clearly define what a lead is and what an opportunity within your
    organization is and make sure there’s an agreement on that definition.
  7. Although
    there is a debate of where BDRs should sit, the majority believe it’s a sales
  8. The best
    way to recruit top sales & marketing talent is through your top sales
    people and marketers, leverage their networks to find new hires.
  9. Advocate
    marketing plans can help your message get to the consumer during the 70% of the
    buying cycle before they speak with a sales rep.
  10. Responses
    from advocates on social media resonate better with consumers than direct
    company responses.
  11. Engaging
    customers as advocates enhances the post-sale experience.
  12. Have a
    post-sale touch plan, don’t wait until it’s time to renew.
  13. Understand
    the “Why” in everything you do, don’t run a new campaign just to run one,
    determine what the value should be if you get the results you expect.
  14. All good
    ideas are outside the office, get outside and talk to the people that are
    consuming your products.
  15. MassTLC
    events are a great opportunity to learn and network!


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