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Working Remotely during COVID-19: CoreView Offers Free Training in MSFT Teams


CoreView, founded in Milan, Italy, knows Coronavirus, or COVID-19, first hand. We have a dozen employees, including our two co-founders, on lockdown in the Lombardy region for over two weeks.

New and existing Microsoft Office 365 shops now, or in the near future, are riding out the crisis relying on remote work.

Microsoft is doing its part, giving free six-month O365 E1 licenses and free, unfettered versions of Teams. Teams is key to fully productive and engaged remote work –if you know how to use it. Not scratch the surface, but really and deeply use it.

CoreView can help. For the next six months, O365 shops get a free version of CoreLearning for Teams, with dozens of videos to make new users immediately productive and turn existing users into Teams productivity stars. The CoreLearning Microsoft Teams training is supported by specialized adoption campaigns through a free version of CoreAdoption.


Skype to Teams

If your end users are still on Skype, that will not cut it for fulltime remote work. Teams will. Free CoreLearning videos make this transition a breeze. Skype to Teams videos, also good as intros for new Teams users, include:

  1. Teams: How to Access Chat and Files
  2. Teams: How to Forward or Transfer Calls
  3. Teams: How to Record a Meeting
  4. Teams: How to Schedule a Meeting
  5. Teams: How to Send Messages to Individuals or Groups
  6. Teams: How to Share Desktops or Programs during a Meeting
  7. Teams: How to Share Files with People in a Chat

Once underway, users can take a deeper dive into true remote productivity. Here, work away from the office is just as productive, and given lack of a commute, often more beneficial than when tethered to a desk at headquarters. Examples of the many videos driving this are:

  1. How To Add and Manage Contacts
  2. How To Send or Check Voicemails
  3. How to: Create Upload or Delete Files
  4. How to: Manage Files
  5. How to: Organize Quick Meetings
  6. How to: Schedule Meeting with Team Members
  7. How to Access Teams Documents in SharePoint
  8. How to: Create New Teams
  9. How to: Manage Notification Settings
  10. How to: Personalize your Space

Learning the Right Way

Your newly remote users do not have time for long Microsoft Teams seminars, Teams for Dummies books, or elaborate videos. They are too busy keeping your organization going. Moreover, they will forget most of this information in a day if it is not immediately applied.

A far better solution is Just in Time Learning (JITL). Here, employees view short-form videos about Teams features – as they are using those exact Teams features.

How Do I Teach My Remote Workforce to Harness the Power of Teams – for Free?

CoreView wants to make supporting remote workers as easy as possible for your already stressed IT staff and workforce. Simply download our free CoreDiscovery solution. From here, you can distribute and workers can access dozens of these Teams videos, as they use those specific Teams features.

Get CoreDiscovery, and put your Microsoft Teams training for remote workers in high gear. At the same time, CoreDiscovery shows the percentage of active users for each service, and the amount of activity performed within each application. This is critical for ultimately driving greater adoption of key services such as Teams.

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