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With Privacy Shield gone, what’s left?

With Privacy Shield invalidated by the EU’s Court of Justice, is there anything left for companies to use to legally transfer data between the US and the EU? That is what our panel of legal and technical experts tried to answer in the MassTLC Security and Policy Communities program, Data Transfers In Jeopardy, Your Best Options.

There is no doubt the Court of Justice’s intent is to mandate that companies – regardless of size – adhere to the ruling and be accountable for meeting the standards of data transfer. Short of a new, validated US federal privacy policy, the onus will fall to the individual companies. This is no easy feat, even for those with vast resources. And unlike when GDPR was first introduced, there is no grace period to prepare.

You can watch the video below:

Panelists (clockwise): Gerald Beuchelt, LogMeIn; Aimee Williams, IDA Ireland: Chris Hart, Foley Hoag; Aoife Sexton, Trūata

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