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Why Cybersecurity is Booming in Boston

On Wednesday, April 11, Avecto’s Boston office opened its doors to NewCo Boston. We were excited to welcome the technology community into our process of how we help secure companies from cyber-attacks. This two-day event helped to facilitate networking, and attendees had a chance to learn about the local innovation scene.

I was thrilled to be a speaker this year and help showcase the momentum the security industry had found within the Boston area. I held a breakfast session in Avecto’s Assembly Row office and explained why removing access to local admin rights is one of the best things you can do to improve security. There are hidden dangers within every organization caused by the overuse of admin rights, which open the door to outside hackers and insider abuse. Using real-world examples, I helped attendees learn about the dangers of unchecked privileges and that the solution is easier than you think.

First, the world has approached cybersecurity the wrong way for decades. Organizations make keeping their companies data secure like a cat and mouse game with the bad guys. For example, companies may place a security guard at the door, who watches people come in and out of the main entrance. However, the security guard might be better positioned to patrol inside and see what is going on inside the building. By focusing on one entry and reporting just those instances, they may be missing the actual damage that is going on inside the company. It’s what they don’t see you should probably worry about the most.

Secondly, many organizations have the misconception that security is difficult to create and maintain. If companies focus on getting the basics implemented well, it’s not hard to keep an effective security solution. Concentrate first on privilege management and application whitelisting makes it possible to achieve security and usability.

In addition to sharing the technical aspects of what Avecto does, I explained why Boston was the ideal location for our UK headquartered company to grow in North America. There is a rich culture and network of cybersecurity companies within the area. Many companies are raising capital and making acquisitions that show the world’s largest tech companies are looking to Boston to fuel their innovation in cybersecurity. It’s a hub for headquarters for many companies in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and pharma which have requirements for highly technical cybersecurity solutions. There is a strong talent pool to continue expanding the company by being close to many top colleges and universities.

Here are some helpful resources to continue to learn more about endpoint security and Avecto:

  • Download the Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2017. This report makes the compelling case for least privilege, finding that of the 235 Critical vulnerabilities reported in 2017, 80% would be mitigated by removing local admin rights from users.
  • Read my book, The Endpoint Security Paradox: Realising Implementation Success, for practical advice on endpoint security best practices.

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