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Who’s Who at Progress360: Meet Sundar Subramanian, EVP & GM, DevOps

Sundar Subramanian, Executive Vice President and General Manager, DevOps, will share his vast experience and knowledge with attendees at Progress360.

In a business world where technologies rapidly change, leaders must continually adapt or risk being left behind by more agile competitors. Companies need insights, best practices and tips to succeed.

Enter Progress360, a multi-dimensional event showcasing the best in high-impact application development, deployment and management. Occurring September 11-14 in Boston, Progress360 will combine two industry-leading events: DevReach, the largest developer conference in Eastern and Central Europe, and ChefConf, the premier DevOps/DevSecOps showcase. Progress360 will also feature an exclusive, invitation-only Executive Forum for senior IT leaders.

At the Executive Forum, Sundar Subramanian, Executive Vice President and General Manager of DevOps at Progress, will discuss how a strategic approach to DevOps can enhance app development and modernization efforts. Learn more about Sundar and Progress360 below:

How did you get started in DevOps? What drew you to the field?

Early in my career, when I was a developer, I worked for a start-up that was releasing and deploying multiple times a day, though most of that was hand crafted and chaotic. Over time, this became a manageable process through automation. This enabled me to understand tools that help in continuous deployment.

Later, I worked on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the healthcare space in the U.S., where I frequently used on-prem systems and multiple public clouds, as well as multiple DevOps and DevSecOps tools. I saw the power of scaled automation that these tools provided as I could truly use the elasticity of the cloud as demand waxed and waned. DevOps processes and tools bring the capabilities and power of the cloud to every team that needs it.

What is one of the most meaningful lessons you’ve learned in your career so far?

My career arc has given me the chance to taste and participate in various roles: Developer, salesperson, product manager and general manager. Over time, I have come to understand that unless a tech solution solves a business problem, it may not be very meaningful at scale.

Recognizing and reaching a deep understanding of users’ needs requires domain expertise and the ability to think through issues. This isn’t possible without empathy and the ability to actively listen to various points of view to arrive at a solution that solves the root of the problem.

Why do you think it would be beneficial for DevOps and other IT, business and security professionals to attend Progress360?

Progress has a unique set of offerings across information and infrastructure management and digital transformation—something many companies are going through.

Interacting with experts in these fields and talking through the issues businesses face will likely help spark a thought that could develop into something bigger. Hallway conversations with others who work in similar or adjacent areas can lead to epiphanies with lasting impact. Everyone will leave the event inspired and excited about the work they do, so it’s definitely worthwhile to attend, and even more so, in person.

You will be one of the speakers during the Executive Forum. What can attendees expect from the Forum?

This Forum will feature deep conversations between senior IT and security leaders. Attendees will walk away with trusted perspectives so they can separate bankable trends from industry hype, and bring those insights back to their team. IT, security and business leaders will leave energized ready to drive faster cycles of innovation at their organizations.

What are the benefits of hosting DevReach, ChefConf and the Executive Forum all at the same conference?

DevReach, ChefConf and the Executive Forum all being at the same venue makes Progress360 a truly multi-dimensional event. Our goal is to empower attendees with the information, products and personal connections they need to conquer today’s business challenges and anticipate those on the horizon, so they can more effectively build for tomorrow. There are audience-specific tracks so attendees can tailor their experience to their specific interests, so there is something for everyone.

What are you most looking forward to during Progress360?

I am looking forward to meeting the community face-to-face after so many years of virtual meetings. The enthusiasm that comes from real conversations is energizing. I am also looking forward to the keynote session by Jason Pontin, a well-known futurist and technology writer who is a partner at DCVC, the world’s leading deep technology venture capital firm. Conferences are always powerful opportunities to think bigger and get inspired, and with a packed agenda full of impressive speakers, Progress360 will no doubt deliver.


This post was originally published on the Progress blog.

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