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Where Can a Career in Engineering Take You?

Where Can a Career in Engineering Take You?

Well, anywhere really. As part of MassTLC’s Battle of the Interns summer programming, we hosted a session on engineering career paths that was led by Shira Haddad, Director of Engineering at Kyruus along with Adam Conrad, Director of Engineering at Indigo.

Students had the opportunity to introduce themselves and where they are in their college career, and were able to hear some really great advice from our speakers.

Here are a few takeaways for getting started in the world of engineering:

1. If your college offers data courses, take them. Take as many as you can.

  1. Prep as much as possible for your interviews. Get comfortable whiteboarding and presenting, and be thoughtful in your responses as simple as questions may seem.
  2. Love the ever-changing nature of engineering.You can see the full session recording here.

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