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What’s in Store for VDI, DaaS, Hybrid Cloud, and Remote Access in 2023

The last year or two have seen radical changes in how we work, thanks to the pandemic and the preference—and necessity—of working from home. 2023 will continue this evolution in ways that are perhaps more subtle, but still important for organizations as they consider how they will continue to adapt to industry change.

Declining IT Headcount

HR directors know competition for talent is fierce. IT staff will become harder and harder to find, increasing the need for MSPs that can lend a hand in VDI/DaaS deployments, and tools that simplify and automate onboarding, configuration, and maintenance tasks.

VDI gets more Cloudy

With less technical expertise in the field to maintain corporate data centers, more organizations will move to the cloud. As the cloud continues to become more and more mainstream, new solutions like AWS Workspaces Core will create new use cases for VDI in the cloud.

More Room for Disruption

Industry disrupters will also become more mainstream as companies look for alternatives in the wake of the Broadcom acquisition of VMware. Even if the EUC business in VMware does not suffer from the acquisition, organizations will realize they can benefit from looking outside of the stack. I highly recommend this webinar in which Robert Morris, former Citrix CTO, makes excellent points about the impact of the acquisition.

New Thinking in Remote Access

This out-of-the-box thinking, and interest in alternatives, will lead to new technologies for remote access and VDI, such as OpenStack and Containers.

We’re Staying Home

Many organizations spent 2022 trying to get their employees back into the office. The resistance to “work from anywhere” will end in 2023. Corporate conversations will shift to how to enable work-from-anywhere, as organizations realize that swimming upstream in that conversation is wasting time, energy, and resources that would be more wisely invested in modernizing their workplace.

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Karen Gondoly is CEO of Leostream, the leading provider of enterprise-grade remote access solutions. A literal ‘rocket scientist,’ she holds Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in aeronautical/astronautical engineering from MIT, and extensive skills in software development, technical writing, GUI design and usability.



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