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Agenda at a Glance: MassTLC Growth Conference

A who’s who of speakers and companies are lined up to share their knowledge, experience, and best practices with attendees of MassTLC’s first ever Growth Conference. Find out below what you can expect to learn about developing the people, processes, and products to drive high growth.

Venture Capitalists Share War Stories: Structuring for Growth: Pamela Aldsworth, Head of Venture Capital Relationship Management, at Silicon Valley Bank will facilitate a conversation with four of Boston’s top VCs. They’re going to share the lessons they’ve learned and the frameworks to structure properly for growth to soften the speed bumps along the way.

Speakers: Pam Aldsworth, SVB; Michael Brown, Battery Ventures; Eric Paley, Founder’s Collective; Nicole Stata, Boston Seed Capital; Adam Valkin, General Catalyst

The CEO POV: Easing the Inflection Points: Michael Skok, Founding Partner at Underscore VC, and four top executives will discuss and share what it takes to ease the inflection points of growth.

Speakers: Mohamad Ali, Carbonite; Chris Gahagan, Symbotic; Trynka Shineman, Vistaprint; Michael Skok, Underscore VC; Tracey Zhen, Zipcar

Forecasting in Today’s New World- Mixing the Art and the Science: Consistent and Accurate Forecasting proves to be a challenge for many sales leaders and companies alike: 80% of sales organizations miss their forecast by greater than 10%. Leveraging predictive analytics and metrics can greatly improve results in today’s new sales models  Join Larry D’Angelo, SVP of Sales at LogMeIn as he shares the process he’s created at LogMeIn to successfully guide LogMeIn to +$1B in sales.  

Speaker: Larry D’Angelo, LogMeIn

Growth Going Global, Charting the Path

Speaker: Christian Cerda, iRobot

How to Drive Growth through a Diverse Workforce: Most CEOs agree that in today’s competitive global marketplace they must harness the top-tier talent in their midst to survive and remain competitive and profitable and that diversity is key to this success. This session will focus specifically on the action steps to hire, retain, maximize productivity and advance an inclusive workforce that sets you on the path to sustained growth.

Speakers: Meredith Haviland, Foley Hoag; Debbie Dean, Dassault Systemes; Betsy Myers, Author, Leadership Expert; Aida Sabo, PAREXEL

Fast Pitch Lunch – 5 Startups that Fuel Growth

Lunch Keynote – Alignment the Key to High Growth: Scaling a business for high growth is not easy. Sales, product and marketing organizations all must perform in harmony while marketing in particular must be able to demonstrate ROI and an impact on sales productivity. Sometimes the alignment never occurs, and sometimes it’s a difficult subject to discuss with CXOs This session will explore why alignment is key to high growth and how to achieve it.

Speaker: John Neeson, SiriusDecisions

Radical Alignment – Aligning Culture, Strategy, and Acquisition for Outsized Growth: In today’s business environment, companies can no longer afford to operate in siloed departments nor sacrifice culture for execution. The key to long-term growth lies in the internal alliance and alignment among company leaders – creating a cohesive strategy, common vision and a positive company culture to drive growth and promote both employee and organizational success. During this session, Andrew and Christina will discuss how Rapid7 has achieved radical alignment of strategy, operations, and culture to maximize growth, execute successful M&A strategies and boost employee retention.

Speakers: Andrew Burton and Christina Luconi, Rapid7

Product Roadmapping – How to Bridge Agile and Company Objectives: Your team uses Agile to rapidly evolve its development plan based on customer needs. However your CEO needs feature commitments for an upcoming tradeshow announcement, and your customers are harassing your support team about when a favorite feature will be built. Learn how to bridge this divide using product roadmaps and get several best-practices for implementing them in your product organization.

Speaker: Sam Clemens, InsightSquared

Smarketing – Sales and Marketing Alignment Can Supercharge Growth Marketing and Sales are usually like dogs and cats, but constant bickering doesn’t drive revenue growth. The best in class companies have highly aligned sales and marketing teams that are attached at the hip and work in concert to drive fast revenue growth. This presentation will cover specific steps you can take to better align your marketing and sales organizations from a CMO and CRO who have grown revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars and created billions in exit valuation.

Speakers: Andrew Byron and Mike Volpe, Cybereason

Designing your Product Encore: You’ve been successful with your initial product launch. You’re now scaling and it’s time to start the encore, the next product that will be the next big thing, but becoming a multi-product company isn’t easy. You need to define goals and manage team dynamics, training, and alignment across the organization. And just when you think you’re ready, you’re not. Is sales, support and partners trained and enabled? Has the new use case been tested?  Do you have the DNA required to make this work?  Is it priced for early success?  How will you define success?  Join Chris as he shares what he’s learned to ensure a product encore receives the standing ovation it deserves.

Speaker: Chris Stone, Acquia

Evolution of a Marketing Team: Scaling the marketing function in a high growth global tech company is no easy task, especially in a company such as Demandware that scaled from sub-$100M through its $2.8B sale and transition into Salesforce. In this session, Demandware former CMO, Elana Anderson, will share key considerations for successfully scaling the marketing organization in a high growth environment. Elana will be joined by Kathie Johnson who joined Demandware prior to the Salesforce acquisition and has helped manage the integration of the team into Salesforce while retaining 100% of top talent. 

Speakers: Elana Anderson, Vidyo; Kathie Johnson, Vice President, Marketing, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Blunders, Bloopers, and the Path to Recovery: We all know that starting and growing a company isn’t easy. For all of us there are blunders and bloopers along the way that hopefully, in the end, make us stronger. In our closing panel on a Friday afternoon, our panelists will share stories that we can all look back on and hopefully laugh together, knowing it’s the failures that lead us on the path to recovery.  

Speakers: George Bell; Kirk Arnold, DataIntensity; Peter Bauer, Mimecast; Steve Fredette, Toast; Joe Kinsella, CloudHealth Technologies

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