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What is the State of Your Talent Strategy?

Are you set up to crush it? Heads of Talent in the tech landscape gathered this month to discuss strategies, initiatives, and the tech stack needed to navigate their workforce through an uncertain environment. Jackie Dube, SVP of Talent Optimization at The Predictive Index, hosted this discussion. She guided attendees with a brief presentation that addressed strategies for executive alignment, dealing with understaffing, and resource constraints in response to the pandemic.

Watch the CHRO Roundtable:

Each talent leader evaluated the position of their talent strategy in an exercise led by Dube. Results fell into the following categories: 0-4 (time to act!), 5-9 (getting there/ solidify strategy), 10+ (crushing it!). In the workshop, the following was evaluated:

    • Understanding Business Strategy
    • Achieving executive team alignment around people plan
    • Team dynamics
    • Filling in gaps on your team
    • A hiring plan
    • Engagement strategy
    • Codifying your Back To Work plan

The forum was opened to questions where participants shared strategies, ideas, and concerns over a range of issues and opportunities. They discussed each person’s retention plan and how to acclimate once full return is in place. Discussion also focused around hiring key targets while remote, maintaining culture, and ways to continue to stay connected.

Dube asked what tools have helped accomplish their goals and strategies. Her organization implemented a tech tool to assist with understanding standardized salary across the country and changed their hiring practices. To stay connected, each organization was committed to tools that assisted in random networking and icebreakers with an emphasis in strategies that ensured camaraderie and breaks to prevent burn out.

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