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Welcome April ’20 New Members

Like all organizations, Covid-19 has forced us to rethink how we work here at MassTLC. Many of our events have gone digital, we’ve built a new platform for connecting virtually, and we’re been continuously updating our Covid-19 resource center.

There’s one thing that hasn’t changed at all though, and that’s the strength of our always-growing community! Last month, April 2020, we welcomed six new members to MassTLC. They come from a diverse list of industries and places, but all are committed to boosting the tech economy in Massachusetts.

Learn more about each new member, below. Welcome to all!





AeroVironment, Inc.

AeroVironment, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems used for surveillance, reconnaissance and communication, and tactical missile systems used for precision force protection. The company serves the defense forces of the United States and more than 45 allied nations, as well as commercial entities. AeroVironment delivers the actionable intelligence you need to Proceed With Certainty.





Catalyte is a workforce data science company that believes that exceptional technology talent can come from unexpected places. They use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify individuals, regardless of background, who have the innate potential and cognitive ability to be great software developers. Catalyte finds hidden technology talent, within local markets or clients’ current workforces, that accelerates business outcomes.





CoreView is the most powerful and easy to use SaaS Management Platform that helps organizations avoid security risks, cut operating costs, and improve productivity. CoreView comprehensively discovers, analyzes, and manages Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications that provides total visibility and granular management to maximize your ROI.





meQuilibrium is the #1 digital solution for building resilience at scale at global enterprises.  Based on over 25 years of scientific research, in both clinical and corporate practice, resilience is proven to be a measurable, learnable set of foundational skills which positively impact health and performance.  meQuilibrium’s personalized digital journey comprised of skills and activities builds a habituated, protective shield and positively influences thinking and behaviors.  meQuilibrium supports individuals, teams/leaders, and enterprises as a whole with stress, anxiety, and employee experience.  This results in measurable ROI, improving wellbeing, engagement, and overall performance.







At NorthOut, we accelerate digital transformation powered by entrepreneurial teams to enable our partners to bravely tackle the future.

Since our inception, we’ve committed to partnering with change driven leaders looking for new ways of solving problems because the traditional Big-5 way of doing things just isn’t working. Whether reimaging consumer engagement in insurance, developing new digital channels in sports media or developing new oil rig operations — our unique approach blends a truly entrepreneurial mindset with strategy consulting, experience design and engineering with and a deep passion for solving problems.

No matter what the case you’ll find a truly aligned partner in NorthOut – one that inspires your teams to go bravely forward.






reacHIRE is committed to helping corporations exceed their talent, diversity and retention goals by finding and fueling the potential in all professional women.

Partnering with Fortune 500 companies including Fidelity, Wayfair and T-Mobile, reacHIRE delivers tangible results in two ways: Return-to-Work programs to integrate untapped experienced mid to senior-level professionals and the Aurora platform designed to help companies engage and retain the professional women they worked so hard to find.

reacHIRE drives impact for companies and accelerates progress for women by improving the gender talent pipeline through innovative solutions.


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