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Veeva Digital Clinical Trials Survey Report

COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of new decentralized clinical trial operating models and revealed the need to make studies more patient- and site-centric. The industry is now maturing practices adopted during the pandemic into a more digital, connected model for clinical trials in the future.

This survey report details insights from more than 280 clinical leaders worldwide on the industry’s progress toward digital trial strategies, lessons learned, and what lies ahead.

Executive Summary

Survey results show that the industry is accelerating digital transformation to advance toward patient-centric, paperless, and decentralized trials.

Most sponsors and CROs are addressing the challenges posed by point solutions and manual processes and moving to a more connected digital trial operating model. This shift will automate the flow of information across patients, sites, sponsors, and CROs to create a fully connected and collaborative trial ecosystem.

Benefits and Challenges of Decentralized Trials

  • During the pandemic, 87% of sponsors and CROs surveyed rapidly deployed decentralized trials to manage clinical studies (compared with 28% pre-COVID). They adopted an average of four new eClinical applications, leading to challenges with data and system silos.
  • Despite progress, fragmented technology has created additional challenges in site adoption, patient burden, and data collection and reporting, diminishing potential gains in study speed, quality, and collaboration.
  • Only 56% say the move to decentralized trials has improved the patient experience, and less than a third have seen improved site engagement, reduced costs, and shortened trial timelines.

What’s Next?

  • Sponsors and CROs are rationalizing systems and processes deployed during the pandemic for a more holistic approach that better connects stakeholders, improves study quality, and accelerates clinical research.
  • To enable this connected approach, most respondents (95%) are establishing a unified digital foundation to better support sites and patients, and improve data sharing and collaboration.

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