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Using Technology to Make Events Immersive

“New technology makes events more immersive”

Find out how with Cramer Productions

On a very rainy Thursday, April 6 Brent Turner and Lindsay Nie of Cramer Productions gave Boston NewCo attendees a tour of their office space as well as a demonstration with the cool, new technology available for the event scene. The office in Norwood, MA, is beautiful. They have their own editing suites, cafeteria, studios, packaging room for new technologies to ship to events, and a coffee/beer bar. The atmosphere is lively, fun, and very welcoming. It appears to be a wonderful place to work.

During their hour long presentation Brent and Lindsay quickly took the audience through new technology that is being used to rock the event scene. Obviously, new technology is always emerging, but it was very interesting to be able to see the things that are becoming possible along with it. After all, the clients of Cramer Productions expect the best and newest things to make their events even more inspiring.

Below are a couple of the new devices they presented to us and some of the things they are capable of.

  1. There was a box on the table in which one can place their phone, and it makes the experience three dimensional. This mixed reality allows a better showcase of content. The experience can be otherworldly with relatively simple technology
  2. Holographic meetings are now available with transparent OLED’s and accompanied headsets. The benefits are that this gets companies away from static Powerpoint, and it’s definitely more engaging
  3. Live Streaming allows for experiences within events that are new and weren’t previously possible.
  4. Live social video is now done through Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Audience can stream to their followers their experience of the event.
  5. Crowd streaming allows different perspectives in events. Remote attendees can feel like they are there.
  6. Real time projection mapping now can be used at events. You can beam camera projections and things from phone.

Another really cool piece of technology are the paper planes. You can basically write something on your phone screen with this technology and mimic throwing it and someone else can catch it. It’s a very cool way to get an audience at an event interacting. This collective activity within an audience brings them together to create an even better, more memorable experience.

There are also Spectacles, a device coming out from Snapchat, that incorporates circular video.  

Network controlled wearables can drive individual engagement and keep track of crowd reactions. Basing all of the data off of the wristlets.

Brain Dates are technology that allows networking to be easier at conferences. It’s a tracking technology that makes it possible to meet people with similar interests at events.

The best part about this presentation was seeing all of the new tech available in this world that can now shape new human experiences. It’s a reminder than anything is possible and it creates an excitement in people outside of the tech industry to see what will happen next.

NewCo Boston is one of four signature industry-wide events MassTLC hosts throughout the year – the others include: Boston/TechJam in June, the Mass Technology Leadership Awards in September, and TRANSFORM in November. Check out our events calendar for details upcoming MassTLC events.

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