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Realtime Robotics: Meet Tech Top 50 ‘Robotics’ Honoree

The MassTLC Tech Top 50 celebrates tech companies and leaders across the region who have made a significant impact in the community during the past 12 month. This year, we are excited to recognize winners across 11 categories: Business Accomplishment, Environmental Impact, Leadership, Mosaic (for DEI leadership), Social Responsibility Impact, and the Technology of the Year categories: Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Tech, Consumer Tech, Cybersecurity, Healthcare Tech, and Robotics.

Forty-nine honorees were chosen across these categories, with the final recognition, the Commonwealth Award, given to industry pioneer and co-creator of the spreadsheet, Dan Bricklin.  View the full list of Tech Top 50 winners, here.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about each of the recipients to spotlight their accomplishments and their impact on customers, partners, employees, and the broader community.

Today, meet Realtime Robotics, one of this year’s honorees for Robotics.

Realtime has invented a specialized processor for generating safe robot motion plans in micro-seconds, enabling robots to function in unstructured, collaborative work-spaces, reacting to other motions as soon as they are perceived.


Describe the new product, including the goal (the why), function (the what), customers (for whom) and why the product and its technology are unique.

Realtime Robotics RapidPlan software helps manufacturers design and deploy industrial automation faster and more efficiently. Customers can automate the programming, deployment and control of their industrial robots within applications such as automotive or logistics, autonomously creating and choreographing all robot movements.

Users develop a digital twin simulation of their workcell within the software, and then simply point and click on robots and target points to visualize and create collision-free task plans. The same software used for the simulation environment then controls their real-world robots.

What measurable success has this product achieved (this can be qualitative and/or quantitative)?

Our technology has saved customers weeks to months of robot programming time per project. In fact, together with our key partner Kawasaki Robotics, Realtime has helped a major automotive manufacturer improve programming speed by 70%. This manufacturer reduced the pre-production engineering commissioning process and is looking to eliminate the time-consuming physical validation of robot paths.

What does it mean to be recognized with the other Tech Top 50 honorees?

Being a part of this list is an honor for us. We’re in really good company among the other 49 Massachusetts-based innovators.

We’ve seen an increase in demand within the manufacturing market for tools and software that can help make industrial robotics more efficient and effective across the board. Being recognized as one of Massachusetts’ top innovators proves that we’re on the right track and that the future is bright.


Congratulations to Realtime Robotics


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