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Top 5 Takeaways: MIT ICT and MassINTELLIGENCE

Over the past month, the ZyloTech team joined other thought leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for events in Boston, including the 2017 MIT Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Conference and MassTLC’s MassINTELLIGENCE, The Age of Machine Learning.

ZyloTech CEO, Abhi Yadav spoke at both events, but did quite a bit of listening as well. Here are his top five takeaways from Boston’s recent AI events:

1. AI is the Rocket, Algorithms are the Engine and Data is the Fuel
Any AI or machine learning application is hugely dependent on data and algorithms. Companies are building, buying or partnering to get the big data they need for the algorithms, but there are significant challenges within regulated industries where data is protected. It will be interesting to see how companies innovate in this process, through data sharing, or other means.

2. There are AI Haves and Have Nots
There’s a lot of AI activity at big companies. Even within organizations, there are AI haves and have nots. While some departments have been using extremely sophisticated deep learning techniques for quite some time, other departments may have little to no contact with the technology at all. We’re seeing this new school / old school dynamic between and within companies in the space.

3. Innovation Needs Implementation
Everyone is enthusiastic about driving innovation with AI-powered business applications, but innovation must also be implemented, while aligning business processes. Some companies are building internal innovation squads to scour company assets and turn insights into product planning. Big brands with fewer R&D dollars are accomplishing this by acquiring technology companies and then integrating them in their existing culture. Others are partnering with MIT and open source communities to leverage core technologies to further innovate and implement around business challenges they about care most.

4. AI-led Security is a Big Deal
Security – not just monetization – is one of the biggest drivers of AI-led innovation. We all know when there’s a major data breach, but AI thought leaders are thinking beyond the headlines to solve security issues before they happen. We expect to see much more from this space in the coming years.

5. Boston Companies Have the Inside Scoop on AI
The AI revolution is all around us, from Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, to advances in AI for customer monetization, retention and remarketing. But beyond the buzzword, the public may not realize the immense quality enhancements going on in AI and machine learning. Boston companies have a front row seat to these developments, as we make AI applications smarter, faster, more secure and more sophisticated.

ZyloTech CEO Abhi Yadav will be leading a panel at the MIT Big Data Series event on June 7, “Crossing the Chasm from Big Data to AI in Customer Centric Enterprise Business.”

This post also appears on the Zylotech blog.

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