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Think You Can Crack the Code on Wayfair’s Greenway Mural?

Wayfair is celebrating the Boston tech community through an art installation on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. In partnership with international street artist, Kelsey Montague, Wayfair created a 24-foot mural of a house that is “built on technology,” with its exterior façade created in binary code. From now until November 6th, you’re invited to crack the code!

Here’s how the competition works:

  1. Visit the Wayfair House at Wharf District Park at Rose Kennedy Greenway
  2. Post a picture to Instagram “inside” the house; hashtag #wayfairatwork and tag @wayfairatwork (your profile has to be public for us to find it!)
  3. Direct message @wayfairatwork with the cracked binary code
  4. Stay tuned until November 6th when @wayfairatwork announces the winner of a $500 Wayfair gift card!

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