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The Successful CMO from the VC Viewpoint

MassTLC’s CMO/VP of Marketing peer group leaned in closely at HubSpot this week to hear what a prominent local VC, David Skok, thinks makes for a successful CMO.  Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot facilitated the discussion and also lent his expertise as a CMO of a fast growing startup.  

Michael Gerard from Curata wrote a terrific wrap-up of the event which can be found on the Curata blog here.  Thanks Michael for the great overview.  A few additions to his comments:

  • Arthur Sweetser from Evergage highly recommended the book Predictable Revenue from Aaron Ross.  Aaron spoke at INBOUND and his slides are here
  • Mike mentioned an Excel template for the funnel report David Skok discussed. Here is a link (no form required).
  • You may not get the information on the CMO equity packages from the Curata blog, but if you contact me directly (christine at masstlc.org), I’m willing to share! 😉

Thanks to all that joined us and to Mike Volpe and HubSpot for hosting.  If you are a member CMO or VP of Marketing and interested in hosting the next session, please contact me.

Lastly, we have scheduled the sales and marketing summit for April 4th.  Based off of the CMO dialogue, we are bringing back David Skok for a drill down on “Growth Hacking”; discussing the
latest ideas, techniques, metrics, and technologies to design and optimize the
sales and marketing funnel.  Details to follow. We are looking for speakers, give me a shout if you are interested!

– Christine Nolan

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