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The Need for Enterprise Search

By Mike Miranda.  Mike writes about enterprise software and covers
products offered by www.rocketsoftware.com about topics such as
Terminal Emulation, Legacy Modernization, Enterprise Search, Big Data and
Enterprise Mobility.
Data has always
been important for businesses. It’s been accumulating for decades, and now with
the proliferation of the Internet, the data is coming in at an unprecedented
rate. The data covers all of the various areas of business from financials to
the types of products customers buy, marketing results, and countless other
aspects. Businesses know information about all of their customers, and they
have files that contain all of their past contracts. All of this data can be
overwhelming to say the least.
companies have collected all of this data, many do not have an easy way to
access it when they need it. This includes the new data that keeps pouring into
the business each day. If you can’t access the information easily, then it will
not do you much good at all.
Importance of
Accessing the Data
With all of
this information collected, it becomes extremely important to have a good way
of accessing it and actually using it. Having the right people and the right
technologies in place will help. Still, too few companies really understand the
importance of having a quality enterprise search system in place. They put more
money and effort into other areas of the business, not realizing the potential
they are missing. Some companies worry about the cost of implementing these
systems. However, the cost of not
implementing the systems could be much worse.
Take a moment
to think about some of the advantages that can come from having an enterprise
search solution for the company. It will help to increase the productivity of
the employees, as they will not have to waste time searching and trying to find
the information they need. Less wasted time means less wasted money, as well as
more overall efficiency in the company. This can also translate to customer service.
If they need to access information on a client quickly, having a solid search
system in place makes it much faster. This makes the customer happy and it
ensures shorter phone calls.
The size of
your organization does not matter. Every company today is collecting data, even
at home businesses that sell handmade goods. Even though they are collecting
data at different rates, it piles up and there needs to be a good way of
managing it and accessing it. Data is one of the most valuable assets a company
has, and you can’t simply let it waste away where you can’t access it and use
implementing the system, it is possible to get more value from the search than
what you spent to create the system. This does not mean you will necessarily
get a fast return on your investment, but your business is not a sprint; it’s a
marathon. Over the course of a year or two, you will really start to see the
value that you’ve gained by adding the enterprise search system.
A good search
system has the potential to help managers and executives avoid making bad
decisions. They can search and gather the data they need to better understand
their current situation and to determine what actions they should take and what
they should avoid.
Consider the
regulations and compliance that some industries have to deal with. They may
need to provide access to certain documents, databases, and emails to ensure
they are complying with governmental regulations. This is far simpler when you
have a good search system up and running in the company.
Getting On
the system can cause some certain growing pains in the company. It means that
the business will need to have a new set of skills added to help manage the
system. Often this means assigning or hiring someone to this task. They need to
know how to use the system and how to properly categorize the data so it
actually is easy to find. While it could be possible to have the IT department,
or records management team, handle this, it is often a better decision to hire
someone for this specific role. They can help to create the taxonomy of the
system, and ensure that everyone who uses the system has the proper training.
What Will You
Do and Where Will You Turn?
As you can see,
enterprise search is important to businesses that want to continue thriving.
However, some companies still have their heads buried in the sand when it comes
to implementing them within their own company. Are you one of the ostriches
that will do nothing or that will try to take the easy way out and implement a
simple search engine? Or are you going to take the leap and start looking into
the various types of search engine technology that are available for businesses
such as yours? If you hope to compete, and if you hope to have full control
over your data, then you know the right choice.
One of the
things that you need to understand when it comes to choosing these systems is
that you have a number of different choices, and that’s where much of the
confusion comes into play. How are you supposed to know which one is the best
option for your company? Not all of the enterprise search systems are created
equal, so you need to do your homework.
First, you have
to look inwardly to determine just what types of data your business is
collecting and the type of data that you need to access the most. Compare your
needs with what the system is capable of offering. See that they are able to
provide you with the tools and features you need, and that the price is
something you can afford. Keep in mind that your investment, so long as you
make the right choice, can eventually pay for itself. It may also be a good
idea to look at some reviews from other companies that have used the system you
are considering.
As you can see,
in today’s world, it’s impossible to get by without some type of search system
in place. Make the right choice.

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