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The 2021 Product Marketing Salary Report from Crayon and Product Marketing Alliance

Product marketing managers (PMMs) hold one of the most pivotal and collaborative roles at companies – they sit at the intersection of marketing, product, sales, and customer success.

That’s why Crayon partnered with the Product Marketing Alliance for their 2021 Product Marketing Salary Report – to help ensure that PMMs understand their worth and how they stack up to their peers.

After gathering extensive data from over 3,000 product marketers, the report provides insight into what a product marketing manager salary looks like and what external factors contribute to it.

More specifically, the report arms PMMs with:

  • Salary benchmarks
  • Advice on career obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Trends of the past & predictions for the future
  • An overview of product marketing as a whole

Download your copy of the free 2021 Product Marketing Salary Survey Report now.


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