Testing in the Age of Agile

The move to Agile is complete. You’d be hard pressed to find any up-and-coming company that doesn’t preach the qualities of some form of Agile methodology. Releasing updates in short sprints, receiving feedback in constant loops and quickly adjusting to meet the needs customers as they are needed has all become standard practice for many companies. Too often, however, testing is the enemy of agility. If companies can’t test quickly, they can’t adjust quickly. If they can’t adjust quickly, they can’t release quickly.

What can Agile companies do to address the testing roadblock?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are redefining how companies test. Artificial intelligence can be used to preemptively determine what to test based on recent changes in code. It can initiate workflows for human testing and automated testing. It can even unlock the answer of how Agile companies can test efficiently in a continuous deployment world. The future will hold even more changes because of these technologies. Thom Kenney will discuss how these tools are being used currently in community-based testing, how they will be used in the future, and how companies can leverage them to be successful.


Thom Kenney, Applause





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