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Dr. Teo Dagi: Future of Healthcare and Technology

Healthcare is very much in the news these days, but it’s not just elected officials who are thinking about the types of care that should be available to people. Teo Forcht Dagi, neurosurgeon, educator, scientific innovator, has considered the question from many angles. At Tranform 2016 he led a discussion that asked two basic questions. If healthcare is a marker of a successful society:

  • What can we do to improve care and access?
  • What should we do?

Dr. Dagi’s discussion ranged from looking at the service model (the patient experience) as well as the delivery model (provider’s technical competence) to using technology for everything from improving care compliance to freeing up providers to spend more time with patients. Technology, economics, human interaction, and much more were covered in this wide ranging talk.

See the full presentation here.

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