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TECNA National Workforce Study: Migration of Tech Workers and Jobs Since the Pandemic

MassTLC’s State of the Massachusetts Tech Economy dashboard, has found that fewer than 10% of tech jobs posted were filled over the past year (50,000+ job listings and only about 5,000 filled). If we are not able to fill these jobs locally, they will move out of the Commonwealth and the US. Exacerbating the challenge of open roles vastly outnumbering the supply of talent, we have found that there is a significant gap in the skills that are listed in job descriptions versus skills that exist in the market.

Supporting this trend, TECNA’s report released today “Tech Workforce Trends: The Migration of Tech Jobs Since The Pandemic,” showcases the migration and measure of job change of tech workers throughout the United States. Although Massachusetts has experienced significant 1-year growth in tech workers from May 2021 – April 2022 — a 6.3% increase.

While many markets experienced an influx of tech workers, the data does not show that they are actually employed by companies in the areas in which they now live. As measured against a pre-pandemic baseline of January 2020, remote postings for tech jobs saw explosive growth with a 421 percent increase as compared to remote job postings for all occupations which increased 190 percent. As a result, states and major metro areas have a significant opportunity to attract companies to their regions and further boost their local economies.

Download TECNA’s full report Tech Workforce Trends: The Migration of Tech Jobs Since The Pandemic to learn more. 







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