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Sustaira Launches Beta Version of Sustainability and ESG App Platform

Sustainability software provider, Sustaira, announces beta version of their Enterprise Sustainability Application Platform to address ESG data challenges.

Just months after formalizing partnerships with Siemens Digital Industries Software and low-code application platform Mendix, Sustaira proudly announces the launch of the beta version of the Sustaira Sustainability and ESG Application Platform. Among the first customers of Sustaira are organizations of all sizes, in different regions, and within a variety of industries, such as conglomerate Siemens Canada, renewable energy solutions provider Inovateus Solar, Xavier University of Louisiana, and manufacturer Logistick, Inc. This beta version of the platform allows users to explore and demo the various Sustaira applications, such as ESG and Sustainability Goals and KPI Tracking, Emission Calculators, Carbon Accounting including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, reporting and disclosures. For organizations interested in learning more, they can request early access to a trial and demo account.

As organizations across the globe are feeling the growing pressure from the changing regulatory ESG disclosure requirements, the need for agile software in this domain is rapidly accelerating. Following disruptive mandatory ESG reporting announcements in Europe and Asia, North America is rapidly following at the Federal, State and Local level, e.g., SEC proposed rules and California’s Climate Corporate Accountability Act. Vincent de la Mar, Founder and CEO at Sustaira, comments:

“We see a growing pressure and urgency for organizations to disclose their ESG data, both quantitative and qualitative. This goes beyond environmental impact and addresses social topics, such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. SEC’s recent announcement will cause a ripple effect among not only the larger, but also small and medium enterprises to provide the necessary transparency. That being said, we also see a growing pressure from the younger generation of talented employees. Going beyond the shareholder and truly outlining ESG goals, measuring Sustainability KPIs, and taking action are a must have in this next chapter of running a successful organization.”

However, the challenges these organizations are facing to meet these demands are significant: The data is often siloed and comes from disparate sources. There are many error-prone manual processes and excel spreadsheets. Functional requirements are changing on an ongoing basis per region, framework, and policy. Lastly, organizations have many rigid core systems in place that are unable to keep up, thus leading to inaccurate reporting and a lack of action. These are real and urgent problems for many organizations and, according to research firm Verdantix, it’s estimated that to gather this data, verify and report it over the next three years, over $6.7B will be spent.

The positive news is that lessons learned from software development and solutions outside of this ESG domain can be applied here to have a direct positive impact. Sustaira is uniquely positioned to support organizations overcoming these challenges and to accelerate success within their sustainability and ESG journeys.

First, Sustaira offers a broader portfolio going beyond Environmental reporting, also addressing Social and Governance topics. A concept called the Sustaira Sustainability Circle represents all the application domains, including goals and KPI tracking, data aggregation and awareness, actions, results & rewards, and digital reporting. With Sustaira the customer gets one flexible sustainability and ESG app layer on top of all its internal and external data sources.

Secondly, with a strong partnership with low code platform leader Mendix, Sustaira offers a building block approach which translates into highly flexible customization options, seamless integration capabilities, and overall agility to allow organizations to adjust to any future requirements or policy changes that are expected across the globe.

Thirdly, Sustaira has an open and collaborative partnership approach in their go to market and implementation approach. The organization is strategically collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, such as Siemens, while also partnering with ESG and Sustainability Consultancy firms, and technology providers, such as API company Cloverly.

Sustaira’s platform offers an online launchpad with a menu of pre-built sustainability and ESG apps and building blocks, which can be rapidly integrated, customized, and extended with a low-code approach. As a result, the customer accelerates project implementation timelines, while meeting unique requirements.

The list of sustainability and ESG apps customers can choose from is growing rapidly and includes:

● Goals & KPI Tracker
● Carbon Footprint and Waste Calculators
● Carbon and Emission Accounting Scope 1, 2 and 3
● Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion actionable insights
● Supplier Management
● Engagement, Gamification and Rewarding
● Reports, Disclosures and Dashboards
● Employee Travel Emissions
● Carbon Offsetting

Sustaira also offers custom sustainability web and mobile app delivery with an agile methodology, as well as sustainability and ESG consulting with a network of highly experienced partners.

This Beta release includes the Sustaira Launchpad and provides limited access to several of the domain apps, called Tiles. The Sustaira launchpad creates a single source of Sustainability and ESG truth by bringing together all the data and application building blocks listed above. Users can get started by exploring the base versions of Sustaira’s application templates and envision how they can co-create and grow within any of the sustainability or ESG domains that best suit their sustainability journey. Vincent de la Mar highlights:

“I’m incredibly grateful and proud of this milestone. Our team is doing amazing work that truly has an impact and that’s highly rewarding and satisfying. We’re moving very quickly and are looking forward to collaborating with organizations taking action and setting the example for many others.”

For those interested in trying out the Sustaira Sustainability App Platform, request access to the Beta Version today, through this link:

About Sustaira
Sustaira is the Sustainability Software Platform for all your web and mobile Sustainability and ESG solutions. Imagine a world where cutting edge technology and Sustainability domain expertise are combined. Sustaira offers 3 sustainability solution categories: Our all-in-one Sustainability App platform, app templates, and custom web and mobile initiatives. We’re going beyond goal setting, data gathering and reporting. Sustaira makes it actionable, accountable, scalable, and rewarding. As a 360-degree software platform, Sustaira is on a mission to accelerate Sustainability and ESG initiatives by enabling and empowering Sustainability Directors to make their organizations more Sustainable. Faster. Sustainability starts with Sustaira.






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