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State of Technology 2017: Tech Industry Transformation

Massachusetts is well positioned to benefit from emerging global mega trends, including the accelerating pace of technological innovation, demographic and labor market trends, and the emergence of post-industrial platform ecosystems in place of siloed organizational structures.

State of the Tech Economy

This year’s State of the Tech Economy report benchmarks the Massachusetts tech ecosystem and explores the evolving economic landscape, the new platform model, and the future of work. We can’t forecast with certainty how this transformation will play out, but as technology leaders we have a responsibility to engage in a dialogue that informs policy decisions that will help shape the future.

We need to expand the employable talent pool which requires an educated and inclusive workforce. As a leading education and innovation state that is nevertheless struggling to find the talent to fuel our growth, Massachusetts must educate all students to be creators and not just consumers of technology. Inclusive organizations yield stronger company performance while providing greater opportunities. By setting specific and actionable goals, using benchmarks, learning from peers, and maintaining accountability we will improve our success in this 21st century economy.

Furthermore, embracing immigration is essential to innovation and job creation within the Massachusetts economy. State leaders have a critical role to play in infrastructure investment and policy setting to put us on a path towards success. Capital investments and planning for a more reliable and accessible public transit, improved roads and bridges, and affordable housing – both in and out of Boston – are also critical to retaining and attracting workers. We must also ensure a business-friendly climate and maintain an open and ongoing dialogue between industry and government. Finally, we must pay attention to regulatory burden and complexity as we seek to balance consumer protection with innovation and growth.

We hope that this year’s report gives you – as stewards of our ecosystem – the data, insight, and inspiration to engage more deeply in ensuring that we build the kind of future we all want.

Thank you,
Tom Hopcroft, President & CEO, MassTLC

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