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Startup Secrets Unplugged

At the Innovation unConference tomorrow, the
focus on go-to-market strategies will be prevalent throughout the event.  For more than just startups, companies are
focused on establishing the right value proposition, creating the right
business model and what it takes to turn products into $1B companies.
We are excited to have put
forward a session with Michael Skok
focused on just that.  Startup secrets,
various frameworks and key steps needed to accelerate success will be
revealed.  Because we know the topic
can’t be covered in a single session at the unConference, we are excited to
continue our work with Michael in a follow-on workshop series where frameworks
will be brought to life with real world entrepreneurs and their case studies.
The series starts December 17th with a focus on “Building a
Compelling Value Proposition”.  Learn
more here.

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