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Software Dev Conference, Bigger & Better: Register for ReDev B0st0n Today!

Techies are never ones to settle and are always looking for what’s next. The Massachusetts technology economy seems to be the same. We’ve seen an evolution from major business computing hardware, to networking and communications, to software, and now to a convergence of IoT, A.I., security, and robotics — with Massachusetts at the forefront of the innovation.

This evolution and convergence of technologies has opened many opportunities and challenges for companies and the developers who build their products. What does all this mean for developers, product managers, CTOs or UXers? How do you keep ahead of what’s next and stay on top of your craft?

Join us and your peers at ReDev B0st0n as we join forces to cover big data and machine learning, security, mobile development, UX, IoT and a host of other hot-button topics. Whether you’re a tech exec, a product professional, or a developer, this conference is designed for you and by you. We are planning a dozen or more technical sessions with senior executives as speakers and panelists and will have three keynote presentations from industry thought leaders. 

Register before June 30th to take advantage of early bird pricing.


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