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Skills of Mass Disruption: The 10 Most Disruptive Skills in Tech

Organizations and technology executives know they must adopt new technologies to remain competitive. To help organizations pinpoint the disruptive technology skills that they can begin planning for today, Burning Glass Technologies analyzed more than 17,000 unique skills demanded across our database of over 1 billion historical job listings to identify the top 10 most disruptive skills in tech.

Some of the key findings from Skills of Mass Disruption are:

• Many disruptive tech skills are already in demand and growing fast. In the past 12 months there were 1,714,483 U.S. job openings requesting at least one of the disruptive skill areas. Over the next five years, they are projected to grow between 17% and 135%. The skill areas projected to grow the fastest include Quantum Computing and Connected Technologies, with forecasted growth rates of 135% and 104%, respectively.

• These skill areas are spreading across many different occupations and industries. Eight of the 10 skill areas are already commonly requested in over 30% of occupations. None of the skill areas except Quantum Computing have more than 40% of demand concentrated within one industry. This diffusion of skills across different jobs and industries is hybridizing many roles and teams, requiring employers to be thoughtful in determining which roles are best suited for embedding these skills.

• Organizations with future-ready skills create future-ready solutions. The most disruptive organizations are more likely to request the disruptive tech skills. Across all IT and R&D occupations, Unicorn employers – i.e., startups valued at $1 billion or more –are 33% more likely to request disruptive tech skills than legacy firms in the Fortune 100. This underscores a key maxim: future-ready teams create future-ready solutions.

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