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Securing the Keys to the Kingdom: Hardening the IoT-Connected Supply Chain

As Internet of Things (IoT) technology becomes increasingly prevalent, cybersecurity – namely, how to protect these new IoT linked systems – has become a critically important topic.

In a reflection of the times, last month’s edition of Supply Chain Navigator featured a spotlight directly addressing the issue. The thorough piece, which includes additional resources and best practices, features insight from MassTLC member Edna Conway, Cisco’s Chief Security Officer for Global Value Chain.

Conway, who Supply Chain Navigator refers to as “one of the most well-known and respected professionals in cybersecurity today,” had this to say (among many other key points):

“The goal isn’t to implement the most technologically sophisticated solution, but to assure the right security is deployed in the right place, at the right time. We don’t approach partners with a prescriptive method to implement security. Instead, we ask them how they run their business and collaboratively determine how our architecture can be implemented within the people, process and technologies that they already use. So, a successful process is rigorous, but it is also flexible.”

For more of Conway’s insights and expertise, continue reading the full piece in Supply Chain Navigator.

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