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ReDev Sneak Peak: Lead(H)er – Colleen Miller, Senior Director of Product and UX at Toast

Colleen Miller, Sr Director – Product & UX, Toast, will be speaking at MassTLC’s upcoming ReDev B0st0n event, Boston’s premier conference for developers and technical executives. 

The following piece about Colleen originally appeared on VentureFizz as part of their Lead(H)er profile series. We’ve reprinted the first part, below. For the full profile and rapid fire questions, click here

Tickets for ReDev are now available. Visit the conference page for more information.


“I think I’ve always been a problem solver. I love crossword puzzles and analytical types of tasks. Once I started working at Harvard Business Publishing, there were just so many great problems to solve and analytical challenges about building a new eCommerce business. My transition into the tech space was a little bit unusual, but it was being at the right place at the right time and falling in love with the work,” explained Colleen Miller, Senior Director of Product and UX at Toast.

Colleen grew up in Brighton and attended Boston College where she studied French and Psychology. She got her first job at Harvard Business Publishing working in Customer Service.

In order to tackle her new role, Colleen dedicated her free time to coding. She spent her nights learning HTML and Javascript and created the first intranet at work. She worked with a web development firm called TVisions (now Isobar) on building out the eCommerce site and learning product management.

“I think for me with HTML, it was just another language. You have to understand the syntax, you have to understand how things are formatted. You have to practice it. I think it was kind of a natural thing for me to pick it up pretty quickly. I stopped that piece after a while because I realized I could concentrate on what I was more effective at, driving things forward, being organized, having a plan and working with engineers to help them understand the business side.”

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Tickets for ReDev are now available. 

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